LHH Championship Fantasy League

With the season a week away, if we're going to form our Lighthouse Hockey Championship league, we need to get things moving.

We are going to use Yahoo! for our league. It's easy to use and customize, and didn't have any real problems using it for our league last year.

We can have as little as 4 teams (crazy) or a maximum of 20 teams ( almost as crazy). As of right now, if everyone is still in, we have 5 teams (myself, sayvillelax94, gstatman, Darth Doyle, and Moleman Films). I would like to at least double that to have 2 divisions of 5, with up to as many as 16 teams depending on who is interested.

We would need to draft by Tuesday October 6th if we wanted our league to be eligible for the first week of scoring. If we can't, we would have to wait for the league to start in Week 2. I don't think that's too big of a deal, but obviously if we can get this league ready to start on Opening Night it would be ideal.

So if you're interested in joining LHH's second fantasy league, leave a comment below. Hopefully we can get enough guys (or gals) to make this league happen and have what I expect to be a fun fantasy season.

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