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Islanders News: Hickey's sicky; Dal Colle demoted; Barclays' bus bonanza

Are we allowed to park here? I don't see any signs.

Alex Trautwig/Getty Images

Islanders clicks

Other stuff

  • NBCSN's #HockeyvilleUSA game was a fun Slap Shot appreciation party. For the Penguins anyway, they beat the Lighting 4-2. [SBN]
  • The Board of Governors heard expansion proposals from Las Vegas and Quebec but will drag this whole process out a little longer. [ESPN]
  • That pesky Canadian economy won't keep Quebec from getting and keeping an NHL team (unlike the last one they had). [Sportsnet |]
  • NWHL players make actual money from the sales of their jerseys. How much, exactly? Cup of Chowder investigates.
  • The league has also posted all of its players salary info. WHAT A NOVEL IDEA IMAGINE THAT.
  • Zoe's Victory Press has launched and deserves your support. Her first piece is an interview with author Beth Boyle Machlan about Don DeLillo's 1980 hockey novel Amazons. []

Noted video game hater Anders Lee looks pretty comfortable with that controller in his hands: