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A Team Grows in Brooklyn: Possible Third Jersey Leak, Yormark on Isles radio and the Post

Think of it as Bits Evening Edition

Better, worse or more or less the same?
Better, worse or more or less the same?
Al Bello/Getty Images

Very soon there will be actual hockey news to talk about - camp battles, preseason games, maybe a new signing or two. But for now we'll have to make due with bits and pieces of random information to remind us that the Islanders still actually exist.

First we have more info on the impending third jersey, the one that's menacing and haunting our dreams like Freddy Krueger on some weak-willed teenagers. The sources are scattered around the web, but the best and most solid place to go is the venerable uniform blog Icethetics, which used some deductive reasoning to determine that the new jersey's logo would essentially be the same "NY" seen on the Stadium Series sweaters, but without the chrome trim.

The blog points out that the picture seen here IS NOT official but rather a police artist's sketch of the logo of interest.

Then, earlier this evening, the also venerable ran a leak of the actual jersey that they received from a tipster. It contains the Icethetics logo on a very bland jersey design. Very bland. Like grilled chicken breast with no seasoning bland.

As with all mostly-anonymous sources, a grain of salt is required. But there's enough smoke to think this is the fire (or rather, the mushy, spent charcoal that's been doused by a bucket of dirty pond water) we were looking for.

Unrelated to the jersey intel was Nets and Barclays Center CEO Brett Yormark posting a couple of interesting tweets. First was the refutation of a whisper thin story in the New York Post about co-owner Jon Ledecky making calls to prospective season ticket holders in a desperate attempt to get them to sign up.

"That's a leading indicator they have issues selling tickets," a sports industry source said.

Not so much, according to Yormark:

So there you go. If a controversy falls in the forest, does it make the Post? Apparently, the answer is "yes."

Finally, Yormark teased that there might be some new info soon on the Islanders' radio broadcasts, which currently have no home.

The Islanders had been on Hofstra Radio since 2009, an easy punchline for jokes about bush league teams with college radio station affiliates. But the play-by-play was done by Chris King, who's been with the Islanders since 1928 and has probably seen more of their games than any man or woman alive.

Wherever they end up, King absolutely deserves to be a part of the show. Losing him isn't optional, unlike third jerseys, season tickets and reading The Post.