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Islanders News: Brooklyn is loaded with guys that own candy stores, two cars and like to go to nightclubs.

You ever pick your feet in Poughkeepsie?

OK, man. You can get in the next hand. Geez.
OK, man. You can get in the next hand. Geez.
Alex Trautwig/Getty Images

Islanders links

  • If you want to go to Matt Martin's charity poker game, bring your wallet but not your marked deck. [Islanders]
  • All of a sudden, Brooklyn is a big league sports town again for the first time since... oh about 1957. [Brooklyn Daily Eagle]
  • Rob Taub of IslesBlog says the Islanders will unveil their third jerseys on September 21st. Nothing official yet, but it jibes with what Arthur Staple said earlier. Keep your wits about you. [Islanders Point Blank]

Spin the Wheel

  • Rangers goalie Antti Raanta went on a little raanta to a Finnish reporter about being so upset that he was passed over on the Blackhawks' depth chart that he hoped Chicago got swept in the first round of last season's playoffs. [Puck Daddy] | He later went on an antti-raanta walking back his statements. [Sun Times]. This concludes your daily Finnish puns broadcast.
  • Devils captain Bryce Salvador announced his retirement through a very harrowing tale of a scary injury in The Players Tribune. Stories like this really make you wonder exactly what players are dealing with that we don't know about.
  • Mike at In Lou We (Still) Trust nominates Andy Greene as New Jersey's next captain.
  • Filling a roster with good players is a sound strategy, provided they actually get in the line-up. Hm. You don't say... [JenLC]
  • Mario Lemieux wants $750 million for his precious Penguins, which would be an NHL record. (and not "$750" as previously reported by a dope on this very blog). []
  • The league could be moving the trade deadline up this season, to February 29. No better day to leap to another team. [CBS Sports]