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Injury List: Hickey, Halak among the banged-up as Islanders camp enters final week

Take two of these and get them right back on the ice.

Get this man some fish oils.
Get this man some fish oils.
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After handing out lovely parting gifts to several of their younger training camp contestants, the Islanders announced a list of currently injured players and vague prognostications of the amount of time they could miss.

Additionally, free agent acquisition Louis Leblanc will be on the shelf for a week or two with an upper body injury.

Leblanc was scheduled to be sent down to Bridgeport, but can't until he's healthy. Bernier was looking at the 13th forward spot, so it could mean a call up for someone should he be out when the season starts on October 9.

Hickey left last night's 3-1 loss to the Capitals after taking a high stick in the first period. Because the game wasn't on TV, I don't know if Washington's Tom Wilson was fault, but judging by the focus of some post-game reports, it's possible that the Islanders think so anyway and are rounding up a posse of Old West gunslingers to enact frontier justice on that rascally varmint if'n he ever shows his face 'round these parts again.

Hickey's absence means Islanders fans are closer to seeing a nightmare come to life: the return of Brian Strait to a semi-regular slot [cue dramatic horns].

I'm not a religious man, but I urge anyone reading this to go to church this week and light a candle for either Thomas Hickey's quick return or divine intervention for Ryan Pulock.

Halak's status is an obvious concern as well. The team's starting goalie has only played two periods this preseason, both in the first game against the Flyers, and hasn't been seen on the ice since.

There haven't been any details on how or what has been nagging Halak and "day-to-day" essentially means nothing. The Islanders have one game left this preseason - Sunday at Washington - and they have four days off after that before their regular season opener. So there's still a chance Halak could be back in net when the games count.

You know what? Better light two candles while you're there.


Looks like the early candles are working, gang!