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Changes at Barclays Center: Locker Rooms are done and more Islanders banners are incoming

We're gonna need a bigger truck.

Turned out nice.
Turned out nice.
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

When last we checked in on the state of the construction of the Islanders' facilities at Barclays Center, Anders Lee and Garth Snow were posing for photo ops among exposed wiring and sheet rock during the Blue and White rookie game.

Fast forward a few months and with the club's preseason set to start tonight, the new digs are move-in ready and looking sweet. The official site has a full gallery with pics of the place, which includes a full kitchen, cushy lounge and a locker room that looks like it could fit Nassau Coliseum right in the middle of it.

Here are a few samples:




Looks nice. It's not quite as exquisite as the Ultimate Islanders Fan Cave in Germany, but it will do.

Another addition to Barclays Center was one we thought wasn't going to happen. In a letter to Islanders fans on the official site, Barclays and Nets CEO Brett Yormark confirmed that more of the teams banners - including the division, conference and regular season banners of a bygone era - will be making the trip to Brooklyn soon.

Some key features, however, we will save for opening night, including raising the banners of the retired Islanders legendary players, the recently passed Coach Al Arbour, and The Architect, Bill Torrey, as well as banners to recognize the team's conference and division titles.

Yormark doesn't specify where they'll hang or if they'll be the original banners or new ones, but Islanders Insight confirms that the banners will remain "in the rafters" so I assume that means they'll sit over the ice. But who knows. In my one game there, it seemed pretty cramped up there.

However they end up hanging, having them in the building is better than in storage.