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More Ho-Sang details emerge: Wake-Up calls and Coliseum stair-climbing

I'm exhausted just thinking about this.

Get to runnin', rookie.
Get to runnin', rookie.
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

At this point, Joshua Ho-Sang's dismissal from Islanderstraining camp is the biggest disciplinary action since Donna Martin was suspended from West Beverly High for getting drunk at prom.

In the interest of completeness, and in trying to gather as much context as we can about what exactly went down on Friday morning, we'll present a series of tweets from Arthur Staple (including a guest appearance by Justin Bourne) with more new info on the impetus and aftermath of the incident.

Woof. That sounds harsh. As a person that's walked up those narrow, uneven stairs many, many times, running up them under pressure can't be fun. The good news is, the sticky top layer of film created by all that spilled beer and melted ice cream of the last 43 years probably gave Ho-Sang a little extra traction.

And a final bit which begs the question, dude, couldn't another player just woken him up?

Staple posted a fleshed-out article this evening with additional quotes from the coach ("I can say after the conversation that took place, [Ho-Sang] knows exactly where he stands.") and the captain ("I don't get how you don't have 3-4 alarms set, how you're not jumping at that first opportunity to show what you need to show.")

We've had a range of reactions to this story (which I hope is over and done with by the time we all go back to work on Monday) and this new stuff may or may not change any minds.

One thing I know: even I'm scared now of showing up late anywhere ever again. Thanks, Garth.