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I don't feel tardy: Islanders return Ho-Sang to Niagara after late camp arrival

Class dismissed. Well, just you, really.

We have some lovely parting gifts for you.
We have some lovely parting gifts for you.
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Joshua Ho-Sang's chances of making the Islanders roster were pretty slim this year, with open spots at a premium and mostly already filled by incumbents. His chances dropped to 0.0% today after he was returned to his junior team for showing up late to the first day of camp, according to a tweet from Arthur Staple.

Staple first reported this morning that Ho-Sang wasn't present and accounted for with coach Jack Capuano. Then around 2:20 Staple tweeted that Ho-Sang was told to pack up his knives and go.

Ho-Sang is a player under the microscope already because of his contentious history with Hockey Canada, which will surely be re-re-re-enflamed by this latest misstep. Arriving late to an NHL training camp isn't a great way to change your rep. The extent and reason behind his lateness isn't known yet.

Sending him home is a stone cold move by the Islanders, who surely could have found a less extreme punishment (vacuuming the locker room?, washing Capuano's boat?, airing out the Sparky costume?) that still would have taught the 19-year-old a lesson about being a professional.

The team has had a good relationship with Ho-Sang so far, and this episode doesn't necessarily mean that that's at an end.

In any case, somebody was stupid. RT for Ho-Sang, FAV for the Islanders.

Camp is barely two days old and the Islanders have had one RFA come in under the wire, seen another longtime player get traded and now sent home a promising prospect for being late. We're looking forward with someone coming down with malaria on Saturday.