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Bern, baby, Bernier: Islanders agree to terms with depth forward on a one-year one-way deal


We're on the same team now, man!
We're on the same team now, man!
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

So to catch you up: Brock Nelson in, Michael Grabner out and now Steve Bernier in. It's been a busy afternoon.

Bernier was brought in on a PTO last week during the simmering phase of the Nelson contract negotiations. This contract makes him a full timer and he'd have to pass through waivers to go to Bridgeport. The likelihood of him being claimed is low, so should he not work out, the Islanders could cut bait pretty easily.

The dude is old(ish. He's 30) and he's been around the block more than a garbage truck so there's probably no harm in having him. With so many prospects still in Juniors, he's probably not going to block anyone's progress. Probably.

The Islanders announced they had inked Bernier to a one-way deal moments after trading Grabner to the Leafs, making it seem like a one-for-one swap. The thing is, as we saw last season, Grabner had already been replaced by players like Ryan Strome, Anders Lee and Nelson. The guys Bernier is most likely replacing (at least, I friggin' hope so) are Colin McDonald, who was a depth/injury replacement forward last year after spending some time in Bridgeport, and Tyler Kennedy, who was brought in from San Jose for peanuts at the deadline. McDonald is now in Philadelphia and Kennedy has a PTO with the Devils.

Bernier isn't anyone's idea of a Top Six forward. If he ends up there, it means the hockey gods have smited the team with injuries once again, or Jack Capuano is trolling us.