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Islanders News: Welcome, campers; Brock On; Project Runway; Cablevision sale

It's go time.

Everybody stretch.
Everybody stretch.
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

New uniforms, Brock Nelson signs and now camp starts. That escalated quickly.

Islanders links

  • The rumors are true: Brock Nelson agreed to a three year deal worth $7.5 million at around 9:30 last night just in time for the opening of training camp. See? And you were worried. [LHH | Newsday | Islanders | CBS Sports]
  • The Islanders also got some new threads for you to defend or rage against as if your life depended on it. [The Announcement | Tavares Claus and kids | The players give their thoughts | CBS NY with Matt Martin on Boomer and Carton | Newsday | Point Blank | Puck Daddy | Sportslogos.netCapitol District Islander]
  • Martin's poker tournament raised a metric ton of dough for his charity foundation.  [Islanders]
  • The Point Blank podcast wants to talk about the goaltending.
  • You can check out Barclays Center's special behind-the-glass seating today at MetroTech in Brooklyn. The raised seats are being called "The Best Seats in Hockey." Go find out. [Islanders]
  • The team officially moves in on Monday. If you have any spare bubble wrap, they might need it. [Brooklyn Daily Eagle]
  • The Pacific Standard Bar is ready to welcome Islanders fans with open arms. [FanPost]
  • McNally is starting his own rebel fantasy league to rival OzzyFan's league. Think of it as the WHA vs. the NHL all over again.
  • The people that make Yankee Stadium go includes Islanders organist Paul Cartier. [TPT]
  • Cablevision will split from the MSG company and be sold to some European TV giant for $17 billion. How (if) this impacts the Islanders' deal remains to be seen. [NY Times]

Other Stuff

  • Los Angeles defenseman Slava Voynov, who has been in custody after pleading no contest to a domestic battery charge, has decided to return to Russia. He'll remain Kings property when he inevitably returns and everyone tries to sweep this very ugly and horrible episode under the rug. [JFTC]
  • Speaking of which, guess who's listed on the Blackhawks' training camp roster? The question remains whether he'll show up or not. [SCH]
  • The Devils were busy, signing Jiri Tlusty to a one-year bargain deal (annoyingly) and getting Tyler Kennedy and Lee Stempniak to accept a pair of PTOs. [AATJ]
  • Fare thee well, Silver Fox. Lubomir Visnovsky has accepted a PTO from the Blackhawks. [SCH]
  • Hockey season is officially back with the first installment of Elliotte Friedman's 30 Thoughts. The first one is about the Islanders and Nelson.
  • 3-on-3 OTs will be played during the preseason regardless of score in a few games, some involving the Islanders. []
  • The NHL's concussion spotters initiative isn't what it's cracked up to be. [Puck Daddy]
  • Our friend Becca list the Metro's top defenders. Hm. Several Islanders are included. [Japers]
  • Sportsnet's John Shannon on the the endless ads on jerseys panic.
  • P.K. Subban remains inconceivably awesome, donates $10 million (yes) to the Montreal Children's Hospital Foundation. [EOTP]
  • Eddie Lack's Swedish Chef goalie mask is a different kind of awesome. [CBS Sports]
  • No one on Earth knows how to spell "Byfuglien." [Puck Daddy]
  • "The NCAA shocked the College Hockey community today, announcing that it had intervened to officially change the University of North Dakota's nickname to 'Shitsipping Crybabies,' resolving a 3-year dispute." [Hockey Wilderness]

Oh boy. Hizzonah da Mayah weighs in.