A note from a Park Slope bar that's hoping to hang with more Islanders fans this season.

Hey Lighthouse Hockey! Forgive the blatant self-promotion, but my business partners and I are honestly hoping that a few good Islanders fans discover our bar, Pacific Standard, as a pre- and post-Islanders drinking/eating option this season. If you're looking for a more relaxed hangout space that's still a 5-minute walk from Barclays, one that shows and likes sports (as opposed to an all-caps SPORTS BAR), one that caters a little more to the thinking fan (folks who are into, say, Fenwick and Corsi ratings), we might be your spot. We've got great craft beer, friendly hockey-loving bartenders, and a brand-new food lineup. Maybe most importantly, we have a Frequent Drinker Program, free to join if you're already an Islanders season ticket holder, which gives you impressive discounts and free stuff for every dollar you spend at the bar. Check out our website ( and/or e-mail us at fiatlux -at- if you're interested in coming by and want more information. We look forward to having some new fans join us this coming season. (And yes, we may not be lifelong New Yorkers, but we adopted the Islanders many years ago, after we moved out here from northern California, because they remind us a bit of our beloved A's.) Let's go Islanders!

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