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Video: Tavares debuts, gifts new Islanders third jersey to kids

Tavares Claus is here early.

To unveil their latest third jersey, the Islanders sent their captain and chief fashion model John Tavares to a kids game practice with a bag of swag and a smile.

In the video above, Tavares does a photoshoot and a guest appearance in the new predominantly black uniforms. The kids seem happy and grateful, but that could be more about the deliverer than the package.

So far, the consensus on the jersey is... I have no idea. Many (mostly the denizens of @IslesFacebook) have already decreed it the worst thing ever and want to load them all into Jeff Bezos' space rocket for its next launch. Others really dig it and are ready to buy right now. Chances are, if you're a Nets and Islanders fan, today is a fun, sexy time for you.

Seeing clear pictures of the complete uniform is much better than the grainy cell phone pic that leaked last week. Personally, I think they're appreciably better than the last set of black jerseys the team had but my initial opinion of total ambivalence hasn't really changed. These are very slick and sleek and minimalist, but I like my Islanders in blue and orange. I'm still rocking a Matt Moulson jersey and they traded that guy two years ago.

Speaking of old Islanders, also notable on the jersey is the Al Arbour tribute patch on the left shoulder. It's a white circle with "AL" inside of a black ring, and captures the coach's no-nonsense sensibility and immediate effectiveness.

The new jerseys also have a "B" with four orange stripes logo and "BKLYN" on the helmets (which are black). Here's a full gallery of Tavares modeling the whole kit.

The team also announced the dates at which they'll be wearing the new uniforms.

Tuesday, Nov. 3 vs. New Jersey Devils
Friday, Nov. 20 vs. Montreal Canadiens
Friday, Dec. 4 vs. St. Louis Blues
Tuesday, Dec. 15 vs. Florida Panthers
Tuesday, Jan. 12 vs. Columbus Blue Jackets
Thursday, Jan. 14 vs. New York Rangers
Sunday, Jan. 17 vs. Vancouver Canucks
Saturday, Jan. 23 vs. Philadelphia Flyers
Tuesday, Feb. 2 vs. Minnesota Wild
Tuesday, Mar. 8 vs. Pittsburgh Penguins
Tuesday, Mar. 29 vs. Carolina Hurricanes
Saturday, Apr. 9 vs. Buffalo Sabres

We now return you to your regularly scheduled Brock Nelson panic.

(We'll skip the easy Spinal Tap jokes and go with something a little different)