LHH Fantasy Premier League and more. Stat Categories and Draft Times!

So I have decided to start a new fanpost now because we have exactly 18 members wanting to play, 18teams total, so everyone that was in so far can be in the premier league. For people that wanted 16 teams and people that wanted 20, this is a happy medium and works out optimally over 2 leagues of 9 or a 10 and 8 league, etc, etc.

Alphabetically, these are the 18 members in the premier league now:




The Black Map

Butchie's Helmet





Hishutzi Skorz









On to the voting on stuff phase! I'll start off by saying, ANYONE WHO DOES NOT VOTE IN THE REPLIES BELOW WILL BE AN EMPTY BALLOT! So if you don't want to vote, don't complain about the stat categories or draft times when they occur. Got it? Good. :-)

The Stat Categories to be voting on, in brief will be skater categories and goalie categories. As in the past, this will continue to be a head to head league, aka 1 team vs 1 team weekly in our chosen stat categories all the way till the playoffs when the top 8 seeds will play each other until the final week. You generally make the ratio of skater to goalie categories as strong as you want your goalies to be in the league. Right off the bat, I'm going to assume a 2 start per week minimum rule for goalies is what we will do because when it is at 3, we have run into problems in the past, especially with goalie tandems and backup goalies creating mass havoc in starting per week duties.

The Stat Categories you will vote for that you like are out of these listed below, BUT WE NEED A MINIMUM OF 6 SKATER CATEGORIES TO BALANCE THE GOALIES OUT USUALLY(especially if we likely use all the goalie categories again), SO KEEP THAT IN MIND:

For Skaters, there are 10 possible options:




Penalty Minutes

Powerplay Points

Shorthanded Points

Shots on Goal

Faceoffs Won



For Goalies there are 4 options, generally we use all of them, shutouts rarely coming into play due to their scarcity:


Goals Against



***5th option. If people want it added, we can count Losses as a category also, to make things more interesting. It would obviously be a minus category, like higher goals against. So post in your replys if you'd like this too!

And remember, the ratio of skaters to goalie options you vote for will determine how strong goalies are in the league! Something to always keep in mind. I'm beating that dead horse. :-)

Next, we will vote on a draft time. Generally speaking, we are all adults, working or school/college or both, so nights are best, just a question of what time to start the draft. The draft timer will be 15 or 30 seconds, most likely 30seconds unless I get votes for 15seconds timer in the replys below, aka YOU CAN VOTE ON IT IN YOUR REPLYS IF YOU WANT 15seconds! The timer will be no longer than 30seconds a pick, because if we do the math, 30 seconds per pick X's 15 picks per team X 18 teams= 2hrs and 15mins. Yes, this draft will take up to 2hrs and 15mins from it's start time. So buckle up!

So, keeping the 2hrs+ draft time in mind. What time would everyone like to start a draft? Assuming work/school hours into account, Give me your best possible "night" time and best possible day, with a day or 2 you definitely can't do it. I'm scheduling having the draft 1 night next week, September 22nd/Tuesday to September 27th/Sunday, so keep those dates in mind! I will not have it Monday night, because I will be 100% unable to overlook it due to a prior college commitment(aka night class test from 6pm-9pm). So give me your best days from that and days you can't from that.

Onto the time, 2hr draft time in mind, I don't think we should start later than 8pm or 9pm. Dinner times and later are fine. Whatever, but vote and tell me your optimal start times, aka 545pm/615pm/7pm/730pm/etc.

Also, we will go with our usual lineups from the past unless mass members for some reason oppose it. For those that forgot, our regular roster positions for our 15 nhlers team include: 2 centers, 2 left wingers, 2 right wingers, 4 defensemen, 1 goalie, and 4 bench spots to use as you like.

Lastly, once all this is done and figured out, I'll post an e-mail address you all can e-mail me at with your LHH username in the message and e-mail body, so I can give you an invite to the league and we can get the season rolling! I will probably post it in a new fanpost with all the voting results there in a few days, so stay tuned!

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