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Report: Islanders to unveil third jersey this Wednesday, September 16th

Brace thy selves.

Laundry day.
Laundry day.
Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

If you have a bomb shelter near you or were thinking about booking a flight to some far-flung place on this or any other planet, you might want to look into them sooner rather than later.

According to a tweet from News 12 Long Island's Kevin Mahar, the Islanders' new third jerseys will be revealed this week, on Wednesday, September 16th.

Will the jersey be the black-and-white ones leaked by Icethetics a few weeks ago? Will it be something entirely different that's a little less...boring? Who knows.

Either way, we are mere hours from hitting DEFCON 1, people. So take your battle stations and get ready.

Islanders fans have been down the alternate jersey road many, many, many, many times with a spotty history of success. Together, we will make it through this one, too.

(RIP REO Speedwagon guitarist Gary Richrath)