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Zeitgeist: Psychic John Edward predicts Islanders will return to Nassau County in 2025

Signs from the spirit world say the New York Islanders will return to their original home within the next 10 years, according to the well-known Long Island-based psychic medium.

During a live event at the Long Island Marriott Hotel Ball conference room, across the parking lot from a closed Nassau Coliseum, world-renowned psychic medium John Edward predicted the New York Islanders would return to their original arena within ten years according to signs he has received from the afterlife.

Citing otherworldly sources speaking on condition of eternal ethereality, Edward said the clues from the beyond he has interpreted point to the Islanders coming back to Nassau County by 2025. He believes this message is meant to comfort Islanders fans who seek closure about their beloved team's departure.

"Before a reading, I never know what or whose energy I'll be picking up," Edward said. "As I continued to relay what I was seeing, hearing and feeling, all the signs pointed to the Islanders. And the message was, 'They will be back.'"

The Islanders begin play at Brooklyn's Barclays Center this season after 43 years at Nassau Coliseum. Even though the move was announced in 2012 and the distance between the two arenas is only about 25 miles, the shift has been a traumatic one for many fans who are struggling with being left behind.

"The stuff he said about sports and the color blue. It had to be [The Islanders]. I'm still shaking." - John Edward audience member Gus Moussalakis

"The Islanders' energy will always be connected to Long Island and vice versa," Edward said after the reading. "Families want validation that the team's consciousness has survived. It has, and it's saying 'we love you, we're always with you and once the Coliseum's renovation is finished, several thousand seats are added per county approval, an agreement is reached between the team's new owners, the NHL and a dozen Nassau lawmakers, and the lease with Barclays Center is broken, you will see us again.'"

In front of a crowd of about 150 spectators at the Marriott, Edward, who was born and raised in nearby Glen Cove, spent several minutes listing characteristics of the people and signs he was receiving via his psychic contacts. After suggesting about a dozen male or female family roles, half the letters of the alphabet and several pieces of furniture, Edward finally hit on some combinations that made the audience begin connecting the dots.

"He started by asking who had the 'I' name, like 'Ike' or 'Irene,'" said audience member Maryanne Petrulia. "No one spoke up for a long time. But then he said it was an older person or persons connected to sports. That's when people started mentioning the Islanders. It was really remarkable that he knew that."

Edward continued to list personal details that only could describe the Islanders, such as a connection to the color blue, a feeling of cold and a move to a new home.

"Everything he said was spot on about the Islanders," said spectator Gus Moussalakis. "The stuff about sports and the color blue. It had to be them. I'm still shaking."

Edward isn't concerned about skeptics who doubt his powers or think his prediction is meant to take advantage of loyal fans who are upset about their favorite team leaving its original home base. He is simply the messenger, speaking for voices from the other side.

"It isn't just about telling people what they want to hear," he said. "My calling is communicating with the spirits of the dead. If I wanted to spend my life telling people what they wanted to hear all the time, I would have gotten into politics."


THIS IS TOTALLY FAKE. John Edward didn't say any of this. He's a fake, too, for that matter. I think.