LHH Fantasy Hockey leagues, Premier and other, REPLY IF YOU WANT TO JOIN!

So the top premier league last year ran by EDM were these members, so for starters, who from this list wants to play again this year?: Me/Edavidmorris/Zhora/AP77/ChrisMcNally/kcnyi/razoblade1214/tmc/ baltimoreislander/mensho/jbotte/afrosupreme/darthdoyle/keithquinn/ isles732/jt91thefuture. So 16 team league it will be or so.

There was also a league with Rybee as commish and FGS as a 3rd league. If anyone was in either of those leagues and/or can find results please post so and let us know if you do or do not want to play again this year.

I'll take over as commissioner of the premier league since I can't contact EDM and I'll try and get the ball rolling for everyone as quick as possible. 3-4 weeks flys by, so it's best to get everything done asap, especially this introduction stuff here.

There was said to be relegation of members/players up and down leagues "soccer style", so we would like to know everyone that wants to play and doesn't by the end of this upcoming week so we can get the ball rolling and divide/adjust the leagues again.

Lastly, if you weren't in a league last year and want to play, also post here and let us know you're new to this and want in.

Questions FOR ALL, to reply too after declaring if they played last year and are playing this year and what league they were in:

1=Preference of fantasy hockey website? Personally, we've been using Yahoo in "the premier" league for 3yrs and I've been using it for a decade now, so I have a personal bias towards that.

2=Number of teams per league? We ran 16 in the premier league last year, and that should probably be the lowest number again this year unless we get less people wanting to play this season. If there is more and we need 3 or more leagues again, I would be open to running a 20 team league, but this must be for all people who are willing to play and set rosters even if they are "out of the playoff race". People not playing hahd and smaht or people trying to add/drop star players or trade away top players for nobodies or similar will not be tolerated or appreciated or welcomed back, let alone mocked on LHH forever going forward. :-)

3= We can start on voting for what categories we want counting towards points once the leagues are set, so brainstorm that for now. And have that done before we draft within the next 2 to 3 weeks, which will be voted on be each league's members once they are formed.

Reply with your answers below. So that should get the activities started early. I can't even search the league results/finish, that info is locked for some reason and I am not sifting through 1000's of comments to find that right now, but any other info will help. Thanks and good luck to all joining!

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