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Ho-Sang slings some sweet assists against Russia at World Junior Summer Showcase

So Brash!

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

"Outspoken" square peg Josh Ho-Sang had a couple of flashy assists in Team Canada's World Junior Summer Showcase game against Russia tonight, showing just what a selfish, me-first player he truly is.

As captured in these gifs by Eyes on the Prize's Marc Dumont, Ho-Sang is seen independently swinging around Russia's zone in the first period and feeding a pass to London Junior Knights' Spencer Watson, who was simply skating to the slot like a good Canadian boy should.

In the second period, Ho-Sang draws three defenders towards him - no doubt soaking up their attention like Superman feeds off the rays of the Earth's yellow sun - and slides a disappointingly soft pass to Erie's Travis Dermott.

A real team player would have bulled those three defenders over like bowling pins, scored the goal and stabbed the goalie in the throat as a celebration.

The game is tied at 2 Canada lost the game, 3-2 in a shootout,and Ho-Sang was the only player with more than one point. The camp ends on Thursday with a game against the Czech Republic at 7 EDT. Maybe Ho-Sang will learn some humility before then and stop showing up his teammates while setting them up for goals.

Update: via North Dakota Red Eagle in today's Bits post, here are some video highlights of the game: