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It's official: Ice Girls out, Co-ed Ice Crew in at Barclays Center, per Sports Illustrated

Most members to remain with new team.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

In an article posted this afternoon at Sports Illustrated, writer Allan Muir spoke with Barclays Center chief communications officer Barry Baum, who confirmed what we had heard last week about the Islanders Ice Girls not making the trip to Brooklyn and being replaced with a team of men and women.

Despite the growing outcry against all-female ice cleaning teams, Baum cited some fan surveying as the impetus to mix things up.

Baum, however, said the Islanders' decision was not motivated by those voices of dissent.

"We decided to go in a different direction," Baum told "We held a number of meetings with our fans on Long Island to ensure we'd bring the best traditions to Brooklyn and we think they'll be very happy with the result."

As mentioned by Islanders Point Blank editor emeritus Kevin Schultz, most of the current Ice Girls will remain with the new co-ed crew. Brian Erni from IPB added that they were given the choice whether to stay with the team or opt out.

PA announcer (and classic rock radio DJ extraordinaire) Roger Luce will remain with the Islanders, as will organist Paul G. Cartier.

[REITERATED FRIENDLY PREEMPTIVE ADVICE: Please keep the discussion of this topic on an adult level. It can be done.]