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Lighthouse Hockey Local Road Games

Get out of our way.
Get out of our way.
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

The Islanders are fortunate enough to have plenty of local enemies within some semblance of driving distance to them.  Given that the games are going to be a bit more expensive with the move to Brooklyn, it may be time to take advantage of some of them.  The games that are somewhat local include:

Saturday, October 31st New Jersey Devils
Tuesday, December 8th Philadelphia Flyers
Saturday, January 9th Philadelphia Flyers
Friday, February 19th New Jersey Devils
Sunday, March 6th New York Rangers

The game against the Rangers might be a bit difficult to obtain tickets to as it's on a weekend, against a rival and both teams are expected to do well.  The games against the Devils and the flyers?  Well, not so much.  Both of those teams should be pretty poor.

Ideally we would like to get the groups together as soon as possible so that we can get a group discount and so that it would be a group of Islanders fans all in one area.  If interested, please note how many would be going in the comments along with how much you'd be willing to spend per ticket and we'll try to take it from there.

For the games in Philadelphia, I've contacted a bus company and managed to get some decent rates from Newark Penn Station to the Wells Fargo Center.  A party bus of 14 would go for $40 per person round trip and would give us the bus for seven to eight hours.  It might be possible to go from New York Penn Station, but I'm not sure whether that would be more convenient or less convenient as taking the PATH from WTC to Newark would be faster and cheaper.  If interested in the bus, please also mention it in the comments.