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Vote for your favorite Islanders game of season and see it on NHL Network this Saturday

That is, if you have NHL Network.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

I don't have NHL Network at home.

I don't subscribe the Optimum Gold or Optimum Sports tiers because I already give bluesman James Dolan too much money with which to forge his devil's music. And I prefer to watch my out-of-market NHL games via GameCenter Live because A. I can watch it on a bunch of different devices and B. NHL games are much more dramatic when you see the action two minutes after it's already happened.

But for Islanders fans with NHL Network, the league is running a poll in which you can vote for your favorite Islanders game of the season with the top five choices being aired on the channel on August 8th. That's THIS Saturday, so don't screw around.

You can click here to take the poll. No idea when the voting is closed. Oh, and this is US only. Sorry, Canadians who have hockey on all the damn time up there.

The candidates include:

The opening night victory, powered by Johnny Rocket.

Frans Nielsen's first career hat trick in a gonzo goal bonanza against Dallas

The Islanders enact some Charles Bronson-style revenge on the Avalanche but beating their ass up and down Hempstead Turnpike.

The Islanders show the big, bad Blackhawks they won't go quietly.

Jaro Halak continues his (early) mastery of the Rangers.

John Tavares, bleaches and shrinks the Blue Jackets.

Halak sets the team's single season wins record with a 2-1 win over Calgary.

The Islanders power play electrocutes the Red Wings.

Tavares stuns Braden Holtby and the Caps a mere :15 in to overtime.

And the final game ever at Nassau Coliseum, a tight, brutal Game 6 win over the Caps.

I guess even in the summertime, no one wants to watch the Devils. Because I could watch Tavares set and spike them and do the "Yes, Yes, Yes!" all day. NHL Network dropped the ball on that one.