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Islanders News: Prediction. I never see you or that dog again for the rest of my life.

Let's go people, let's go. It's Prognosis Negative time!

Squeezed out?
Squeezed out?
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Islanders news

  • Joshua Ho-Sang isn't bothered by his public perception, which was created by stories like this that rehash tired old questions about his public perception. And on and on and on... [Toronto Sun]
  • The Hockey Writers boldly predict next season's Islanders milestones.
  • Meanwhile at ESPN, Scott Burnside boldly predicts the Islanders could miss the playoffs.
  • Former Sound Tigers tough guy Justin Johnson, a.k.a. "the dude who beat up John Scott in the one game he played as an Islander," has signed with the Toronto Marlies. [PHT]

Other stuff

  • The Maple Leafs and Jonathan Bernier settled on a two-year deal worth $4.15 million per season via arbitration. [PPP]
  • We may soon have of a flood of concussion data to pour through as a judge orders the NHL to turn over everything they know about head injuries. []
  • Next season's Sabres won't be like last season's Sabres, which is good news for the mental health and well-being of residents of Buffalo. []
  • The Penguins pay their stars a ton of dough, which isn't as bad a strategy as we would like to think. [TribLive]
  • Eyes on the Prize examines the roles both coaches and players play in the dance we call, "development."
  • Common and uncommon names throughout NHL history. Islanders are featured on both sides, since apparently no one on Earth calls Robert Goring anything other than "Butch." []
  • Not hockey, but Long Island: If you live near or along Rt 107, would you be cool with it being named "Billy Joel Highway?" Or would you tell the road I like you Just The Way You Are? []