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Islanders rookie camper John Schiavo shows off trick shots on hapless goalie

Now you see it, now you...

Josh Ho-Sang isn't the only guy on the Islanders' radar who carries an impressive arsenal of trick shots.

Long Island native John Schiavo, who earned some attention during the Islanders' summer rookie camp, has a new video of himself playing some cruel, cruel tricks on a beleaguered goalie in increasingly dazzling ways. The video was made in conjunction with music subscription service HiFiveMusic and was posted tonight to Schiavo's Twitter account (@JSchiavo44)

Some of these bits are downright stupid. Like getting the puck to sit on his blade while spinning it around and over the goalie's shoulder or grabbing the puck out of midair and smacking it in on the short side of the net. Stupid in a good, I-can't-believe-that-just-happened-but-I-am-delighted-just-the-same way. Not stupid like Pixels stupid.

SchiavoTricks 8.15

The Islanders rookie camp helped the 21-year-old Schiavo score a contract with the team's new East Coast Hockey League affiliate, the Missouri Mavericks. I can't be the only one hoping these roller hockey moves from East Patchogue keep goalies up for many nights mentally replaying goals they never saw.