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Islanders News: They're running men. Last season's winners.

No. Last season's losers.

Hey man, take it easy.
Hey man, take it easy.
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Islanders-centric links

  • Today is Islanders Day in's 30-in-30 countdown, so look for good stuff from Brian Compton and others:

    * What do Barclays Center and Michael Dal Colle have in common? They're both just getting started.
    * The playoffs changed the perspectives of a lot of players. But...
    * They know that one round isn't going to cut it.
    * NEW! Pete Jensen has the Islanders outlook for your fantasy draft.
    * And a rundown of the Islanders' top prospects.

  • Dueling Prospect Rankings! Corey Pronman has the Islanders as one of the NHL's Top 10 systems [E$PN IN$IDER$ ONLY] while The Hockey News has them at 13th with a "B" grade. [IPB] I'm going with Pronman.
  • Oh Goodie: The Islanders have sued SMG for unpaid money for their sublease. SMG says the Islanders didn't ante up $10 million they were supposed to by July 31. Something tells me this is just getting started and was a long time coming. We'll keep you posted. [Newsday]
  • I'm sure the BioSteel Camp exists for other reasons besides Josh Ho-Sang shootout gifs, but I have yet to figure those reasons out. [LHH]
  • It's easy to forgot thanks to his disjointed and injury-marred season, but Mikhail Grabovski is a hell of a player. [NDRE FanPost]
  • Planning out the first month of the Islanders' season. Games 1 and 2 versus the defending Cup champs is tough start, man. [The Hockey Writers]

Random Stuff

  • Martin St. Louis opens up about his career, his mother's passing, retirement and a lot of other things in a really heartfelt article at The Players' Tribune.
  • Dale Purinton, former NHL goon, was arrested for burglary. I'm not surprised. He stole money from the Rangers for a few seasons. [Puck Daddy]
  • Bridgestone will no longer sponsor the Mark Messier Leadership Award. I assume it was because they were tire-d! Get it? Anyway, let's hope this pointless, horse shit, made-up trophy finds a new stupid home. [Puck Daddy]
  • Rivalries through the decades as examined by Down Goes Brown. Things start getting thin by the turn of the millennium.
  • A cosmonaut gave Alex Ovechkin an award, and Ovi is ready to colonize an asteroid. He's the best. [Russian Machine]
  • The Hurricanes formally announced stats pioneer Eric Tulsky as their team's Hockey Analyst. [Canes]
  • NWHL news: Four members of the CWHL's Boston Blades have jumped leagues and joined the NWHL's Boston Pride, including Team USA superstar Hilary Knight. [SCOC]
  • Worried about ads on jerseys? Don't be. Adidas is expected to select the Best Brand Available at the 2017 NHL Advertiser Draft. They're really looking to build a foundation. [Zeitgeist]