Mikhail Grabovski: a force for good for the Islanders

Keep on truckin' - Jana Chytilova/Freestyle Photo/Getty Images

Goals-For % for team while certain forwards are on the ice:


59 Strome
57 Lee
56 Nelson
55 Grabo
53 Tavares
53 Nielsen
53 Bailey
49 Okposo
49 Kulemin
47 Martin
47 Clutterbuck
44 Cizikas


73 Penner
57 Grabo
54 Ward
52 Chimera
52 Wilson
49 Fehr
48 Brouwer
46 Laich
42 Backstrom
42 Johansson
36 Ovechkin
36 Beagle

2012-13 (lockout)

64 Kadri
54 Kessel
53 Bozak
53 MacArthur
49 JVR
47 McClement
44 Kulemin
41 Grabo


53 Grabo
53 MacArthur
53 Kulemin
50 Frattin
49 Lupul
48 Crabb
48 Kessel
46 Bozak
43 Connolly
37 Lombardi
35 Steckel


61 Grabo
58 Kulemin
56 MacArthur
52 Armstrong
50 Crabb
46 Lupul
44 Kessel
42 Brent
39 Sjostrom
38 Bozak


53 Kessel
53 Kulemin
52 Grabo
50 Primeau
44 Sjostrom
44 Orr
42 Mitchell
36 Wallin

So Grabo has been at or near the top in 5 of the past 6 seasons. The lockout year he was at the bottom, partially due to ~35% zone-starts and .907 save %. (His Fenwick was actually about average among TOR forwards that season, despite heavy D-zone starts.)

His GF% relative-to-team was 30th (of 346 forwards) his WSH season, 39th in 2011-12 for TOR, and 1st (of 337) 2010-11 for TOR.... The season he finished 1st, the only forward close was DSedin. But Grabo was around 49% zone-starts, whereas Sedin was around 73%.

GF% can vary a lot season-to-season, mostly due to small sample size, but Grabo having five of six strong GF% is encouraging to see.

Grabo has also had the top Corsi% among forwards on his team in 5 of the past 6 seasons.

Take a look at the top-20 in Corsi% relative-to-team the past six seasons: (minimum 5000 minutes 5v5)

8.3 Bergeron

7.2 DSedin

6.8 JWilliams

6.5 HSedin

5.8 Datsyuk

5.3 Kopitar

5.2 Toews

4.8 JThornton

4.5 Pavelski

4.5 JStaal

4.4 Backstrom

4.3 Grabovski

4.3 Kunitz

4.1 Parise

4.1 MKoivu

4.1 Voracek

3.9 Burrows

3.9 Kesler

3.8 Hornqvist

3.8 Crosby

The bolded forwards had more defensive zone starts than offensive zone starts, yet still managed to win possession battle, relative to one's team. So Bergeron is on his own tier, while Thornton, Pavelski, JStaal, Grabovski, and Kesler have been similar to one another in this stat. (Do note that Thornton+Pavelski are 58.2%CF while together in 1860 minutes the past six seasons, while they are each below 54% away from one another, so they each benefited from the other.)

But even looking at the 20 as a whole, everyone else has been considered All-Star quality at their best, except perhaps Burrows (who benefited from Sedins and heavy O-zone starts).

Grabovski was mediocre in terms of 5v5 scoring rates (not bad, though) last season, but Isles did well with him on the ice.

For GF% relative-to-team, you also get All-Star quality names near Grabo, aside from Burrows, who again benefited from the Sedins and max O-zone starts. (minimum 5000 minutes):

1 HSedin, 2 Crosby, Semin, Toews, Kunitz

DSedin, Datsyuk, Kopitar, Vrbata, 10 Parise

Thornton, Gaborik, Hornqvist, Bergeron, Pavelski

Getzlaf, Backes, Pominville, Hartnell, Hossa, 20 Willams

Eberle, Oshie, Couture, Lucic, Perry

Grabo, Voracek, Benn, Burrows, 30 Stamkos

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