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More Ho-Sang gif goodness from BioSteel Camp

Dipsies, doodles and behind-the-head bad-assery.

Must see TV
Must see TV

Toronto's BioSteel Camp continues, with some of the NHL's best players...doing whatever it is they do at BioSteel Camp. Judging by their daily videos - and just the name "BioSteel," which sounds like some nefarious doomsday device cooked up by Lex Luthor - it's not exactly a walk in the park.

But it seems that the players do get a chance to play games and blow off some steam in shootout competitions, which is where Islanders draft pick Joshua Ho-Sang gets to really show his stuff. We've already posted one sick shootout this week, but Ho-Sang has a few more tricks up his sleeve. The guy just can't keep away from BioSteel's cameras.

From the Day Two video, here's Ho-Sang dancing by defenders in a game, followed by a pair of sweet shootout attempts including a behind-the-head lacrosse play and some sleight-of-hand-and-feet moves (although only one puck actually hits the back of the net, it's still cool as hell to watch).


*   *   *

The Day Three video shows Ho-Sang taking a break from trying to embarrass goalies and doing some All Star Game type puckhandling drills.


*   *   *

Can Ho-Sang pull off moves like this in the NHL? Who cares? It's August.

Thanks to friend of the blog Achariya for dropping these in the Bits comments. Prayers and best wishes to the goalies participating in the BioSteel Camp. We'll light some candles for you guys.