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Islanders News: I even seen me a shark eat an octopus. But I ain't never seen no phantom Russian submarine.

I think that Captain Mancuso has found the Red October.

No hard feelings, man.
No hard feelings, man.
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Islanders things

  • This patch, spotted by a couple of eagle-eyed fans, could be the Islanders inaugural Barclays Season patch. It looks legit (and pretty reminiscent of the patch worn during their first preseason game in Brooklyn), so there's no real reason to doubt it's authenticity. Still, there's nothing official yet from the team. It's fine.

  • Puck Daddy's NHL A to Z series comes around to the Islanders, and the entry was written by 7th Woman Dee Karl.
  • The Hockey News has John Tavares as the NHL's sixth best player. Dentists offices across Canada have The Hockey News as their sixth most read magazine. [IPB]
  • The Missouri Mavericks have signed defensemen Patrick Cullity and Wes Cunningham, who spent a few games with the Sound Tigers last season. [Mavs]

Other team things

  • Tyler Kennedy has moved back to the Pittsburgh area and is skating with his old Penguins teammates in the hopes of getting a job. I guess that means he's not coming back to the Islanders. [Trib Live]
  • Buying a jersey? Here's some advice on the safest choices. The Islanders one isn't surprising. [Sporting News]
  • Speaking of jerseys, Adidas advertising panic continues (Spoiler: a little more is coming later as well). The Leafs Nation examines the best brand for each team.
  • The documentary about the California Seals can use your help if you happen to have California/Oakland Seals/Golden Seals stuff laying around your house. []