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NWHL free agency closes as Riveters sign two more

Ketchum also played for Team USA
Ketchum also played for Team USA
USA Hockey

The NWHL free agency period came to a close yesterday, a day which saw the New York Riveters sign two more players to finish filling out their roster.  The first signing was Bray Ketchum, a forward out of Yale University.  The second was Erin Barley-Maloney, a forward and defenseman (and tongue twister of a name) out of the the Cornell University.

Ketchum is a decent two-way forward who chips in some offense, though her specialty will probably be on the penalty kill.  She did manage to put up 84 points in 117 games for Yale with 41 goals and 43 assists during her tenure.  The Raleigh, North Carolina native does have a bit of a penchant for taking penalties herself with 68 penalty minutes, or roughly one penalty every fourth game.

Barley-Maloney attended Vermont before attending Cornell where she blossomed.  She started off with 29 points in 52 games for Vermont and only played in 19 games in her sophomore season.  She put up 42 points in 63 games  after transferring to Cornell and it will be interesting to see how the Riveters plan on utilizing her.

Five other transactions took place yesterday throughout the rest of the league.  Those transactions and the rest of the moves made by NWHL teams during this free agency period can be viewed at the NWHL free agency tracker site.  From the looks of things it would appear that the Riveters have a very strong team for the upcoming season.