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Mathew Barzal throws out first pitch at Mariners-Orioles game

The most extraordinary Seattle pitching display of the afternoon.

Checking the signs...
Checking the signs...
Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

There was a very special pitching performance in yesterday's Mariners-Orioles game that no doubt will be remembered for years by anyone that watched the artistry unfold in real time.

I'm talking of course about Islanders 2015 first rounder Mathew Barzal throwing out the first pitch as part of a celebration of the Seattle Thunderbirds who were drafted into the NHL this summer.

The Thunderbirds site has a gallery and UN-EMBEDDABLE VIDEO (c'mon, guys) of Barzal, Thunderbirds coach Steve Konowalchuk and Rangers pick Ryan Gropp getting a tour of Safeco Field, prepping for the pitch and taking the field before the game. Barzal also gets the ceremonial ball autographed by Mariners first baseman (and former Yankee) Jesus Montero.

Here's a gif. The pitch is a little high, but the form is good.


By simply getting the ball over the plate, Barzal was immediately declared the fourth greatest pitcher in Mariners history behind Randy Johnson, Felix Hernandez and Jamie Moyer, who I think is still on the active roster at the age of 88.

The game saw no other notable events.