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Islanders News: Whereas in St. Petersburg, we’re freezing our butts off. Is that close enough for government work?

Wade! Don't push any of the buttons in that car.

Oof. That probably hurt.
Oof. That probably hurt.
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Islanders linkage

  • Well, that was unexpected. Looks like the Islanders and defenseman Marek Zidlicky have been communicating for a while on a possible contract. There's a lot to like in his game, but he's no spring Zidchicken. [LHH]
  • Garth Snow loves his cap space and he's used it pretty effectively over the years. [The Hockey Writers]
  • Stephon Williams (no. 14) and Ilya Sorokin (no. 27) make In Goal Magazine's list of Top 50 goaltending prospects. (Also, Linus Soderstrom gets an honorable mention).
  • Speaking of magazines, Billboard and Barclays Center have partnered on a special fancy lounge in the arena for your enjoyment. []

A little more

  • Gathering data isn't enough. Teams need to hire people who can process that information and make it work for them. [PPP]
  • Due to his involvement in a rape investigation, Patrick Kane will no longer appear on the cover of EA Sports' NHL 16. Jonathan Toews gets the cover all to himself now. My suggestion of using a shot of Johnny Boychuk and his Swiffer Sweeper was rejected. [SB Nation]
  • Down Goes Brown passes judgement on every Stanley Cup champion through NHL history. I can explain it, but you're better off just reading it.

Hey, Boomer: we know the Islanders drive you crazy, but could you take it easy on their players? Thanks.