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Zidlicky Boom Boom Down: Islanders in talks with veteran defenseman, per report


Look! Defending!
Look! Defending!
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

The Islanders have had contact with veteran defenseman Marek Zidlicky, per a series of tweets from Newsday's Arthur Staple. Nothing sounds imminent, so don't order that jersey just yet.

Judging by the reactions from a couple of Devils and Red Wings fan friends on Twitter, the contact with the Islanders is the only contact Zidlicky has seen in some time.

His possession stats aren't terrible (50.8 ES Corsi last season between Detroit and New Jersey) despite his advanced age, but Zidlicky's not really known as a defensive whiz these days. He had seven goals and 27 assists last year, but as Staple points out, the majority of his points came on the power play (6g, 13a).

Beyond the old "veteran presence" trope, it's possible that the interest is based on a reluctance to bring back Lubomir Visnovsky, who despite being a fan and team favorite, has a history with concussions and injuries that the Islanders might not want to revisit. Zidlicky has been fairly durable recently, playing 84, 81 and the full 48 lockout games in the last few seasons. He did however end his season with a concussion during the Red Wings playoff series against Tampa Bay.

Maybe a veteran like Zidlicky can help us all realize our dream of a Brian Strait-free line-up.

Meanwhile, in other Old Hockey Players News, the Juice is once again lose:

And for the youngsters that have no idea what that headline means, I am so, so sorry: