Boychuk Shoots the Puck On-goal a Lot, Part II

When the Islanders acquired Boychuk, I noticed that he tends to take a lot of SOGs in this fanpost.

It seems that since joining the Isles he's even picked it up a notch.

Here is stat for defensemen 5v5 while tied: most SOGs/60 by a defenseman this past season. Minimum 300 minutes.

8.4 Boychuk (443 minutes)
7.6 Byfuglien (436) (How much forward did he play this past season?)
7.3 YWeber (337)
7.1 MGreen (379)
6.9 EGelinas (306)
6.8 Burns (514), Edler (453)
6.7 Wisniewski (392), Ekman-Larsson (555)
6.6 Letang (431)
6.5 Hamilton (495), Faulk (491)

Of Boychuk's 62 shots on-goal with score tied at 5v5, zero found the net. However, he did have 8 assists (5v5 tied), and I'm guessing a few of those were due to his bombs from the point.

Here is past 8 seasons in that stat, minimum 1500 minutes. Boychuk is arguably the "truest" defenseman of this top-4, since Byfuglien and Burns spent a lot of time at forward and Karlsson is often described as a 4th forward. (Though to my eye, he looks quite good defensively too.)... Twenty forwards were above 10.0, so Byfuglien's stat could be totally misleading, and it's likely Boychuk now has the highest rate the past 8 seasons for this stat, of actual defensemen.

8.0 Byfuglien (3300 minutes)
6.9 Boychuk (2500)
6.7 Burns (3200)
6.6 Karlsson (2900)
5.8 Edler (3300)
5.6 Yandle (3400)
5.6 SWeber (4200)
5.6 Chara (4100)
5.6 MGreen (3000)
5.4 Montador (1700)

The top-4 is the same players (Boychuk 4th, 6400 minutes) for all situations at 5v5, with minimum of 4000 minutes.

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