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Islanders News: Would you like to see my mask? I use it in my experiments.

Now, it's probably not very frightening to a guy like you. But these crazies, they can't stand it.

No! It's not that kind of snow!
No! It's not that kind of snow!
Harry How/Getty Images

Islanders-y stuff

  • Penn State's Eamon McAdam has a new mask, featuring a snowman that's not the general manager that drafted him (and no, it's not Olaf, either). [Penn Live]
  • CBS' Peter Schwartz talks to Riveters GM and NHWL commish Dani Rylan about the team and Brooklyn's sudden hockey boom.
  • Not hockey but: Jon Ledecky's niece Katie is, at this moment, the most dominant swimmer in the country and pulverizing records with every race. [fivethirtyeight]

Other stuff

  • The NHLPA will file a grievance on behalf of Mike "Trouble at the Border" Richards following the termination of his contract by the Kings. Hold on to your butts (and passports), [Jewels from the Crown]
  • Speaking of those that have run afoul of the law, Jarret Stoll signed with the Rangers which, believe it or not, isn't the illegal part. [BSBPuck Daddy on Stoll's contrition]
  • Jonathon Blum has decided he's rather play in Russia than for the Wild. [The Hockey News]
  • How has Marc Bergevin's summer been going? [EOTP]
  • Pascal Dupuis talks about living and playing with blood clots and his decision to come back to the NHL. [Players Trib]
  • The finalists for In Lou We Trust's new name are here and open for voting. My suggestion of "Resch-n-Effect" didn't make the cut.

Via NYIslesBlog comes this Nassau Coliseum built inside sprawling sandbox video game Minecraft. Concourse, ice, jumbotron, banners, locker room, the whole nine yards. The work is very impressive and the hours it must have taken are daunting but points off for using Coldplay. At least it's zombie free.