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Islanders News: I walk so fast, I talk so fast, I could turn off the light and be in bed before the room’s dark.

From Glasgow, Scotland, weighing 235 pounds...

"Rowdy" Roddy Piper and a Nassau Coliseum security guard, Wrestlemania II, April 7, 1986.
"Rowdy" Roddy Piper and a Nassau Coliseum security guard, Wrestlemania II, April 7, 1986.

Islanders news

  • Beijing will host the 2022 Winter Olympics and Andong Song wants to be there playing for the country of his birth. [LHH | SI on the opportunity to grow hockey]
  • Ding dong, the lease is dead. The wicked lease, the Islanders lease. Ding dong the wicked lease is dead. [LHH]
  • But not so fast, Islanders. You still owe Nassau $3.5 million for back rent and utilities and stuff. [Newsday]
  • It's hard to find a deal better than John Tavares'. [Today's Slapshot]

Other stuff

  • The Capitals settled their arbitration case with Marcus Johansson and re-signed the forward to a one-year $3.75 million contract. [Japers]
  • The good folks at On the Forecheck respond to Puck Daddy's "Trade Shea Weber" article.
  • Former Islander Clause Loiselle lands on his feet with the Coyotes and Maple Leafs fans howl with glee knowing what he did as an executive in Toronto. [Coyotes]
  • Team USA's World Junior Evaluation Camp starts Sunday and SBN College Hockey has the schedule.
  • Not Hockey #1: Neil Best of Newsday remembers New York institution Sports Phone.
  • Not Hockey #2: I write this under a cloud of sadness after the world lost an icon yesterday with the death of "Rowdy" Roddy Piper. I was a huge Piper fan growing up and will miss him terribly. Here are a few relevant links to tie the man to hockey and Nassau Coliseum. Rest in Peace, Hot Rod. [Piper reminisces about the Coliseum with Newsday in 2014 | talked to him about the Saskatoon native's hockey background | SBN's wrestling expert Bill Hanstock (@sundownmotel on Twitter) on Piper's irrepressible legacy.

Finally, Piper's "boxing" match with Mr. T from the Coliseum portion of Wrestlemania II. With ring introductions from another late great, Joan Rivers (the above picture comes from the intro video).