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Islanders News: Team Blue are sure Hall of Famers, Team White are busts

The Islanders annual prospect scrimmage was all fun, but that one guy really showed NHL vision.

"More importantly, who here knows how to pahhty?"
"More importantly, who here knows how to pahhty?"
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Last night was the annual prospect scrimmage, this time billed as Blue vs. White. Blue beat 8-3 (5-3 in the game, plus a 3-0 shootout/skills competition tally), but really it was about having some fun, getting the prospects in front of the fans, and -- this time, at least -- orienting fans and players to the Islanders new home in Brooklyn.

Islanders Reads
  • Again, the Isles beat the Isles 8*-3 (*3-0), everybody had fun, and the first rounders put up points. "It's home now," Ryan Pulock said. [Isles]
  • Smilin' Joshua Ho-Sang on the scrimmage: "I had so much fun." [IPB]
  • It may be "home" and all now, but it's not ready for prime time just yet. That's okay because it's July. [Times]
  • Garth Snow is happy with the roster and happy with how the scouting staff has helped built it. [Newsday]
  • He also digs the new building. And knows the "campus" must be ready for Frans' early arrivals. [NY Sports Day]
  • Snow again: "There's no patience. We've got to win." [Daily News]
  • On the day Barclays started to feel like "home," Mark notes how the end of the Coliseum represents the end of a generation of arenas built to get fans in. [LHH]
  • Like beer? Like to talk beer? Like to try local beer? Never too early to plan for next season, so this is the post for you. [LHH]
Tweets n Stuff

The new home welcomes the new tenant:

There was lots of skill and trickery on display for the shootout, but John Schiavo's moves may have stolen that show and fired up da social medias:

Another angle:

(Update: His move also is getting some love from The Score.)

And some other sights and notes:

(By the way, Barclays is not renewing its sponsorship of the English Premier League. And this is why here at LHH, we go by [temporary corporate sponsor of some sort] Arena/Center/League.

Beyond [Bank of some Sort]
  • A case for Phil Kessel fitting better with Evgeni Malkin than with Sidney Crosby. [NHL]
  • Don't be surprised if the Leafs keep Dion Phaneuf. [theScore]
  • The Bruins have taken their licks, but their latest additions totally wanted to be "big bad Bruins." [CSN | NHL]
  • At least from what's publicly known now, Mike Richards and the NHLPA would have a very good case to overturn his contract termination on appeal. [Forbes]
  • Speaking of which, the contrast in how the Kings handled Richards vs. Voynov was pretty alienating to victims of abuse (and plenty others). [PPP]
  • Vladimir Tarasenko wants to lead, knows that a big contract is no good if your teammates hate you. [NHL]
  • Niklas Backstrom (the goalie...the Wild goalie) is 37 had nerve damage in his elbow. [NHL]
  • An update on popular Bruins AHL fighter Bobby Robins, who suffered a concussion in his first NHL game and is now essentially retired from hockey. Because fighting is really dangerous for the brain. [CSN]