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Islanders News: Pulock, Dal Colle, Ho-Sang look up, Barzal, Williams soak in, Burroughs, Sorokin sit out

I am just here to learn from these guys.

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The "first Islander to score in Brooklyn" would like to do it again.
The "first Islander to score in Brooklyn" would like to do it again.
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Lots and lots and lots of coverage coming out of the first day of New York Islanders prospect mini-camp, so let's get to it.

  • The early returns: Snapshots, quotes, injury updates from the day before all the longer stories were filed below. [LHH]
  • Arthur Staple had details on some absences: Kyle Burroughs, Devon Toews, Mitch Vande Sompel and goalie Linus Soderstrom due to injury, Ilya Sorokin due to visa issues.
  • Tale of Two Draft Years: '14 pick Michael Dal Colle is looking to make an impression on the way to real training camp in the fall, while '15 pick Mathew Barzal is just trying to soak up lessons for next time. [IPB]
  • Similarly, '14 pick Joshua Ho-Sang (or as every story must say, Brash Ho-Sang), wants to give the Isles something to think about. [Post]
  • Both Dal Colle and Ho-Sang talked about where they are and how that first draft year summer is a whirlwind, while Eric Cairns talked about how to help them move along step to step. [Newsday]
  • Experienced AHLer Ryan Pulock looks toward the next step: "I'm fighting every inch for a spot." [Isles | IPB]
  • Stephon Williams, who turned pro at the end of this past NCAA season, is gearing up for the pro schedule in the AHL. [Sound Tigers]
  • Victor Crus-Rydberg doesn't have an Isles contract and signed back home in Sweden, but he's in camp too. [Soundin' Off]

And in these tweets are direct links to audio from several of the prospects:

The scrimmage is tonight, and streamed live for those who can't make it.

As a reminder, individual game tickets are on sale during the scrimmage tonight (between first and third periods) and to the general public beginning tomorrow morning.

Beyond the Island
  • The big hockey news from yesterday was Vladimir Tarasenko re-signing for eight years, $60 million. The Blues talked about the how and why. [NHL]
  • On that note, this is from before that signing, but the "bridge" contract for RFAs coming off their ELCs is becoming rarer. Certainly a thing of the past for superstars like Tarasenko. [Globe and Mail]
  • If you've seen cool new player usage and production graphs populating our posts or the twitters, it may be from Micah Blake McCurdy, who now makes them all available at Hockey Viz.
  • The coolest thing, however, may be his very helpful explanations for how to read them. It's worth your three minutes, especially since people are referring to them more and more (and you can get a quick look at who plays with who and how they do, etc., on the "spider diagrams"). [Hockey Viz - How to read Spider Diagrams] (For example, here is Johnny Boychuk kicking butt with everyone.)
  • Not hockey, but... I: Soccer is in many ways a game of chance or luck thanks to the low-scoring. The parallels to hockey are strong, and that's why we sometimes use "luck" to describe trends and spikes in results even when it feels like "but I worked my butt off for that goal." [Times]
  • Not hockey, but...II: We are sorry if we have contributed to the overuse of "zeitgeist," but our satirical posts began as a way to, well, truly capture the zeitgeist of Islanders and/or hockey fans during a given era or moment in time. [Slate]