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Islanders Prospect Mini-Camp, Day 1: Missing goalies, Ho-Sang speaks

"This kid over here already has his man strength..."

The busiest summer.
The busiest summer.
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Some snapshots and quotes from the first day of the New York Islanders' 2015 prospect mini-camp, via Isles PR and some of the writers who took it in and tweeted it out:

Missing Goalies

First, a little order of business on the two goalies the Islanders drafted in 2014:

The hip surgery for Linus Soderstrom had previously been reported (sorry, forget where), but that doesn't make it any less jarring to read, given the Isles' history with a certain goalie's uncertain hip surgery. Get well, Linus! Beat those bureaucrats, Ilya!

Joshua Ho-Sang

He's talented, he's forthcoming, he's not afraid to talk and to analyze his own game (a game where he says his defensive side has improved), and he's flashy:

How close is he to the pros? Doesn't matter.

2015 Draft Class

And how about those two newest young Canadian forwards the Islanders drafted?

Andong Song, the first-ever Chinese-born NHL draft pick, selected last month, was also in the spotlight. Islanders Insight has audio with him, and he was also in the images and audio links sent out by the Isles PR crew:

Skating, Training, Smiling

Smile, state your name.

But the mini-camp isn't all fun and games. It's hands-on orientation to off-ice training (under the watchful eye of a Jon Sim jersey, among others):

Still, while it's not particularly eventful in terms of getting a full read on the NHL-readiness or projection of individual players, this mini-camp is interesting in that you have a range from last month's fresh draft picks to guys like Ryan Pulock who are on the cusp of an NHL roster spot. Lots of Sound Tigers in the mix.

Scrimmage Wednesday

Tomorrow night is the most "open" part of the camp, a scrimmage under the lights and in front of the fans at Barclays Center at 7 p.m. It will also be streamed live for starving Islanders fans around the world.