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Tickets for Islanders-Flyers preseason split squad game in Allentown, PA now available

Filling out forms, Standing in line.

Asked them to dance, danced with them slow.
Asked them to dance, danced with them slow.
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

If you're currently in or planning to be in eastern Pennsylvania on or around September 21st, tickets for the Islanders-Flyers preseason split squad game at Allentown's PPL Center that evening are now available for purchase.

You can buy tickets from the arena's website or directly from the box office.

We first heard about the game back in early June, before the rest of the Islanders preseason schedule was released. Turns out it is a split squad game and half of each team will be playing at Barclays Center that same night. It will be fun to compare the experiences between the 9,000 seat, $117 million AHL arena in Pennsylvania's third largest city to the 18,000 seat, $1 billion high tech Barclays Center in the heart of downtown Brooklyn. Brats and Yuengling at the bar versus Shake Shake and $15 Bud Lights should be interesting.

Thanks to our pals at Broad Street Hockey for alerting us to the tickets. If you go and meet any BSHers, be nice and say hello.

We went with Billy Joel's original Allentown last time, so here's a cover of the song by dorm room favorites Ween.