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Video: EA Sports recreates Barclays Center and Islanders 'Yes, Yes, Yes!' chant for NHL16

If you haven't already traded in your copy of EA Sports NHL15, then I have some bad news for you: NHL16 will be out in a matter of weeks, rendering last year's edition of the game about as useless as a Sega Activator.

Islanders fans will definitely want to upgrade after seeing the above video, which shows off not only EA's virtual version of Barclays Center but also a vocal post-goal "Yes, Yes, Yes!" chant from the crowd and center ice celebration by the players.

We knew previously that the chant would be heard after goals, but I don't think we knew that the team's roof-raising victory celebration would also be in the game. In the video, the Islanders beat the Rangers 3-1 and the players skate to center ice to salute the crowd, with a custom Doc Emrick soundclip to boot.

The chant, based on similar ones paying tribute to WWE superstar Daniel Bryan, took over Nassau Coliseum last year, filtering from a small group of fans all the way down to the players and now, the world of video games. The next step in its cultural evolution is obviously having Taylor Swift do it while wearing a Ryan Strome jersey the next time she plays Barclays Center.

It's very cool of EA to go the extra mile to not only have the chant but the team celebration, too. I have a few more suggestions for other tweaks they can make to satisfy Islanders fan gamers everywhere:

  1. Adding soundclips of between-the-benches analyst Ray Ferraro talking about the million bajillion goals he scored as an Islander in the 1993 playoffs.
  2. Adding soundclips of fans around Barclays complaining about how much better everything was at Nassau Coliseum.
  3. Removing the ability for the Islanders to call a timeout since Jack Capuano never uses his anyway.
  4. Adding the ability to somehow transfer defenseman Brian Strait from NHL16 into a different EA franchise like Dead Space or Plants vs. Zombies.
  5. Adding on-screen tweets and Facebook posts of people upset that Josh Bailey and Thomas Hickey were on the ice at all, let alone together.

The beta of EA Sports NHL16 is out today for owners of NHL15 for PS4 and Xbox One.