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Islanders News: Bond sales take a ten percent bump in every state I visit.

You ready to follow Captain America into the jaws of death?

Stop! Thief!
Stop! Thief!
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

If you're at work, may your day be short and your ride home be quick to get the holiday weekend started good and early.

Islanders news

  • NHL teams have AHL affiliates to fill and the Islanders did that yesterday, inking 147 guys to two-way contracts. Check out your new Sound Tigers here. [Also, Newsday]
  • Kyle Okposo is a beast of a man and potentially a member of the dreaded League of Assassins. Somehow this is a bad thing that is Jack Capuano's fault because that's how the world works apparently. [LHH]
  • Mathew Barzal wants to win, whether it's a Memorial Cup or...something bigger. [CBS Seattle]
  • Islanders legend Lorne Henning is out of a job, after the Canucks cleaned out their front office. [Canucks]
  • Brett Gallant takes his fists to Columbus (or, most likely, Springfield).

Around the league

  • Oh Shit! Oshie! It was a quiet Day Two of free agency before the Caps ripped the cover off their car and revealed the Blues winger, acquired in a trade for Troy Brouwer and a goalie prospect. Buckle up for the Metro Wars. [Japers]
  • Slava Voynov pleaded no contest to his domestic violence charge and will do 90 days in jail. After that, he shouldn't be back with the Kings says venerable hockey writer Helene Elliott.
  • Martin St. Louis retired after 16 remarkable years in the NHL, the last two of which we'll just forget about. [NHL.comRaw Charge gets all the feelings]
  • Hurricanes owner Peter Karmanos said some mean things about his former GM Jim Rutherford, blaming him for running the team on a budget. I guess working together for 20 years can get on someone's nerves. [Post-Gazette | Canes Country]
  • Meanwhile, Paul Martin writes a funny and personal goodbye note to Pittsburgh. [Players Tribune]
  • So, um, how did that Bruins-Leafs Phil Kessel trade work out for everyone? Not good. [CBS Sports]
  • Steve Simmons wrote a(nother, and let's hope final) stupid thing about Kessel and Keith Olbermann sliced it and him and the Leafs to pieces. [PPP]