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Islanders News: So you're saying I go in to NBC and tell them I got this idea for a show about nothing

They're men with jobs, Jerry!

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Having a ball out there.
Having a ball out there.
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Islanders linkage

  • The Islanders are back in NBC's good graces and are scheduled to appear a very reasonable five times on NBCSN this season. [LHH]
  • Summer is a time to train for camp hopefuls like Scott Mayfield. [IPB Interview]
  • Or, if you're Casey Cizikas, Summer is a time to play Ball Hockey and school everybody. [The Telegram]
  • Andong Song's story hits the UK in this Telegraph story.
  • The Riveters made a huge move, signing standout Japan National Team goalie Nana Fujimoto as a free agent. The inaugural roster is looking impressive. [LHH]
  • Aviator Events in Brooklyn, the Riveters' home rink, is also home to one of the best youth teams in the country. [CBS NY]

Other stuff

  • The Rangers locked up Derek Stepan for six years and about $6.5 per season. Good player, good term, good price but man that cap is tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. [BSB]
  • Puck Daddy's annual Winners and Losers of NBC's NHL schedule. The Islanders are neither. | The Ducks fans of Anaheim Calling are feeling slighted. Every Western Conference team that's not Chicago should probably feel the same.
  • Go behind the scenes with how referees are evaluated with Paul Stewart. They have paperwork and everything. [Hockey Buzz]
  • The Sabres have parted ways with team president Ted Black, the man most famous for equating their recent third jerseys to a "turd burger." [DBTB]
  • Ya know what? The Flyers getting 18 games on NBC this year isn't enough. That's right. Dump some of that riff-raff and add more Philly games, Peacock. [Pattison Ave]