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Islanders News: It just seems a little pricey for a unique fixer upper opportunity. What do you think, Egon?

I think this building should be condemned.

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The final goal horn at the Coliseum was set off by this man.
The final goal horn at the Coliseum was set off by this man.
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Islanders readings

  • Hot off the presses is this Newsday staff editorial about the sad history of Nassau Coliseum and how tied it is to squashed dreams and bad deals. Nothing revelatory, but a concise and infuriating summation of decades of waste.
  • An Islanders drama in three acts, starring Kyle Okposo, Ryan Strome and Thomas Hickey. [LHH]
  • Cal Clutterbuck is looking big picture this summer. [Islanders]
  • How Okposo stacks up against other NHL wingers in points/60. You know his agent is paying attention. [FanPost]
  • PDO predictions of Metro Division teams. Jaroslav Halak isn't helping things. [The Hockey Writers]
  • Penn State's Eamon McAdam is making adjustments this offseason with the help of a goalie coach. [PennLive]

Around the League

  • Marc Bergevin ninja'd the whole league, inking Alex Semin to a bargain-priced one-year deal. If he and Michel Therrien play nice, Semin could be a real weapon for the Canadiens. If not, no biggie. [EOTP on the pros and other pros]
  • The Capitals and Braden Holtby went to arbitration and settled on a very reasonable five-year deal. [Japers]
  • Lots more on Lou Lamoriello's defection to the North. The Godfather thanks his people in the paper. [] | Friday was Lou's cleanout day [Fire & Ice] | Timing is everything. And Brendan Shanahan is convincing. [CP] | With dad out of the house, the Devils are gonna cut loose, dude. [Zeitgeist]
  • Perhaps related, the Leafs may or may not have fired their head scout last night. No one knows. [PPP]
  • The Coyotes and Glendale have settled their legal tangle, but everyone else will haggle over the team's future existence for at least another two years. [AZCentral | FFH on what's next]
  • Sky high expectations are a hell of thing for young players and impatient fans. [WIIM on Black Mantha]
  • The Islanders' quiet summer hasn't been a source of concern (except for those already prone to hyperbole). But in Vancouver, the Canucks' moves are driving Nucks Misconduct to the brink.