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Video: Daniel Bryan and Boomer Esiason talk Islanders and the "Yes, Yes, Yes" chant


The post-goal chant of "Yes, Yes, Yes!" became a signature feature of Islanders home (and occasionally road) games this past season. What started with just a small group of fans spread out into the mainstream, spawning its own fashion movement and making its way into EA Sports' upcoming NHL16.

But the chant's origins lay with wrestler Daniel Bryan, who's everyman/underdog/goat man persona galvanized crowds against the WWE establishment that kept under promoting him despite consistently entertaining performances. Eventually, fans of the San Francisco Giants and other teams picked up on the simplicity and intimidating awesomeness of it, and "Yes, Yes, Yes!" grew.

Today on WFAN's Boomer and Carton, co-host Boomer Esiason asked Bryan about the Islanders using the chant. There's not much to the video, which seems to get cut off before the conversation ends, but it starts with Esiason gamely trying to stir up some summertime trash talk before the former Jets QB gets shot down with an obligatory and customary "No one cares about hockey!" by his partner Craig Carton*.

Daniel Bryan: Oh... you don't like it, do you?

Boomer Esiason: I happen to be a Ranger fan. I don't mind you doing it, but when the Islander fans do it after they score a goal, it's just like... nails on a chalkboard.

Bryan admits to not knowing anything about hockey (maybe he needs to spend some more time with former co-worker and Blackhawks diehard CM Punk), but he is aware that Islanders fans are doing the chant. He also seems open to heading over to Barclays Center to lead a "Yes, Yes, Yes!" personally, as he did for the Giants.

Let's hope the Islanders make it happen.

H/T to Islanders stats guru Eric Hornick for tweeting about the video today.


* - Yes, Canadian friends. This is a running gag on the show. Isn't it great?