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Islanders News: The bus for the Camp Mohawk basketball game is leaving in 15 minutes

and there is a very fat pair of pants hanging on the flagpole this morning.

OK, all you kids line up for your birthday whacks.
OK, all you kids line up for your birthday whacks.
Greg Fiume/Getty Images

Islanders news

  • Good dude Matt Martin brings joy and GRITZ to some Long Island kid campers. [LI Herald]
  • Michael Dal Colle is out there, Jerry, and loving every minute of it [LHH]. He's also the exact type of hand model the Islanders are looking for. []
  • A Q&A with Japanese national Yuri Terao, who attended the Islanders development camp. He speaks about his background, his training and his English. []
  • More on the Draft Ops fantasy sports lounge at Barclays Center, where you'll have screens to check scores, watch your fantasy totals and, I assume, occasionally glance up at the game happening on the ice right below you. [CBS NY]
  • The first game at the new place will have a special guest in attendance: an old Coliseum-going Islanders fan named Gary Bettman. [LHH | Newsday]
  • The NWHL jerseys have been revealed and those that voted for the Riveters made the right choice. [NHWL]

Beyond the campsite

  • Look, if you want an NHL expansion team, Seattle, you are going to have to try a little harder and make a real effort. [Seattle Times]
  • Ron McLean on ex-Leaf Phil Kessel, Leaf pipe dream Steven Stamkos and current Leaf boss Mike Babcock. [Sportsnet]
  • The Penguins have hired one of the guys behind War-On-Ice, which could be bad news for the Metro Division. [Pensburgh]
  • Also potentially bad for the Metro is Brandon Saad's addition to the Blue Jackets. [CBS Sports]
  • Are some players just more susceptible to injuries than others? [EOTP]
  • The NHL has denied California another expansion team because they are cold, heartless backstabbing backstabbers. [Battle of Cali]