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Islanders News: That's the Perfect Attendance Award and the Punctuality Award. I got those at Rushmore.

I wrote a hit play and directed it, so I'm not sweating it either.

Who you callin' quiet?
Who you callin' quiet?
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

From the weekend

  • Are you losing sleep over the Islanders "quiet" offseason? Don't worry, and let Dr. Willhoft give you counsel.
  • The Islanders' deal with Barclays Center could mean serious dollars for a team known more for losing money than making it. [LHH]
  • Meanwhile in Nassau, Bruce Ratner wants breaks on sales and other taxes before he can begin constructing his new Coliseum. Good luck with that, Bruce. Construction is expected to begin the Summer. [Newsday]
  • Remember 1999 fourth round pick Juraj Kolnik? Played about 30 games for the Islanders and about four seasons for Florida? Well, he's playing in England now for the Nottingham Panthers. [Nottingham Post]

Quote unquote hockey

  • Brooksie takes it upon himself to select the four-headed "Mount Rushmore" for each NHL team. The Islanders list is all Dynasty, which is probably as it should be, with all due respect to any post-Dynasty players. At least they kept the dynamite away from ol' Larry.
  • What makes an "elite NHL player" depends on what year you're talking about. [The Hockey News]
  • "The Scottish Gretzky" is retiring at the age of 47. Maybe he's more like the Scottish Jagr (Scotchr?) [The Hockey News]

I saw Minions this weekend. I didn't like it. I also finally watched Wreck-It Ralph and very much enjoyed it. Here's a cartoon from 1945 that's... interesting and hockey-related: Disney presents Goofy in Hockey Homicide.