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Islanders News: I'm taking what they're giving 'cause I'm working for a living.

[harmonica solo]

Don't make me hurt you.
Don't make me hurt you.
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Recovered from yesterday's feeding frenzy? Hang in there. Weekend's almost here.

Islanders Links

  • The Islanders spent the early part of free agency taking care of business by re-signing Thomas Hickey to a three-year extension, bringing in back-up goalie Thomas Greiss and finalizing the first North American contract of Kirill Petrov. RFA Brock Nelson is in the batter's box.
  • Meanwhile, say your good byes to Michal Neuvirth, Matt Donovan, Aaron Ness and others. Some good byes might be harder than others. [LHH]
  • The Sound Tigers were in need of new inventory and towards the end of the day, the Islanders began restocking the shelves. [LHH]
  • From yesterday morning, Garth Snow tells the Post that they're "extremely happy with our group." But you knew that already.
  • A Q&A with Andong Song. As with most teenagers growing up in New Jersey, the Rangers are involved. But don't worry; he's all Islanders now. [Sports on Earth]
  • Doug Rombough, who played for the Islanders in the early 70's, has passed away. [NYI Skinny]

But It's Only The First Day

  • A ton of players moved yesterday and I'm not going to waste my time or yours by listing them all, so I'll let TSN do it for me.
  • On to the notables: By now you've heard that an out-of-shape locker room cancer named Phil Kessel will bring his guaranteed 30 goal hands to Pittsburgh next season. PPP is underwhelmed with the return they've been expecting for a long time. And, yes, the Penguins still have the cap room. Unfortunately. [Pensburgh]
  • In a late move, Justin Williams takes his clutch clutchness to the Caps for the next two years n a steal of a deal. [Japers]
  • Big fish Matt Beleskey is a Boston Bruin now for too many years but a lot less money than expected. [SCOC]
  • The Bruins also traded Reilly Smith and Marc Savard's contract to the Panthers for Jimmy Hayes. I'm sure this helps someone. [SCOC]
  • Mike Green leaves the Capitals after 10 years and Russian Machine gets emotional.
  • Alexander Burmistrov will give Winnipeg another shot. [AIC]
  • The Canadiens traded for Zack Kassian for some reason. [EOTP]
  • Wait. That's it? What happened to the silly season? Crappy players, analytics and the salary cap, that's what. [Sporting News]
  • There Must Be Winners and Losers. The Islanders were neither. [ESPN]

Beyond the moves

  • You mooks won't have Glen Sather to kick around anymore, as the Rangers GM since 2000 (!) steps down. He stays on as team president while Jeff Gorton becomes the new sheriff of #RangersTown. [BSB]
  • Alex Semin's buyout is a costly lesson for the Hurricanes. [News & Observer]
  • Trading Brandon Saad was a necessary reality for the Blackhawks in the cap era. []
  • Rich Clune writes a heartfelt article for the Players Tribune, which has become a real repository for such articles.
  • An painkiller-carrying incident at the Canadian border is indicative of a widespread problem in pro sports that goes beyond the Kings and Mike Richards. [PPP]
  • Paul Stewart on Hall of Fame politics and Kerry Fraser's hair. [Hockey Buzz]
  • Goalie Eddie Lack is a giant goofball and the Canucks are worse off for losing his personality. [VanCity Buzz]
  • Not hockey at all but who cares: that time Yankees pitcher Andy Hawkins threw a no-hitter and lost by four runs. I know you remember this. [SB Nation]

Sing it, Huey.