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Leblanc Slate: Islanders sign former first rounder Louis Leblanc to two-way deal

Sure. Why not?

Low-flying Frenchman.
Low-flying Frenchman.
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Hm. Well, that was unexpected. The Islanders announced this afternoon that they have agreed to terms with 2009 first round pick Louis Leblanc on a one-year two-way deal.

Leblanc was selected 18th overall by the Canadiens in 2009 (I forgot who the Islanders took that year) after being ranked at about that spot by Bob McKenzie and even higher by ISS. Leblanc played 50 games over two seasons with the Habs, but never was able to crack their line-up as a regular. He has spent time at Harvard, the QMJHL, the USHL and primarily Hamilton of the AHL, where his early promising play eventually gave way to decreased shot rates and lining up with facepunchers.

Our pals at Eyes on the Prize were just sitting down to decide what Montreal should do with the skilled RFA center/winger when the Habs traded him to Anaheim for a conditional fifth round pick. Seriously, EOTP ran that story and three days later, he was moved. Talk about having your finger on the pulse.

He played for Norfolk all of last season and scored 14 goals and 15 assists in 71 games.

Is he a "stud winger?" Er, probably not. Is he a "veteran presence?" Not unless you count the AHL. "Impact forward?" Maybe for the Sound Tigers. "Top 4 DMan with size who can clear the crease?" Nope, nope and nope.

Maybe Leblanc can pave the way as a whole new vague classification of Islanders acquistion. Like, "Quand l'inspecteur s'emmêle" or "maison de l'argent."