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New York Riveters Coverage at Lighthouse Hockey

We'll have one more team to follow this fall...and another writer to blame for not signing that player to make the team a "real" contender!

Carpenter the Riveter
Carpenter the Riveter
Martin Rose/Getty Images

As you may have heard earlier this year -- and we shared news of some signings last month --pro women's hockey is coming to New York in the form of the NWHL's New York Riveters.

The team will debut in October, so we're excited to watch this from the ground up. And we're excited to have an expert covering the Riveters here at Lighthouse Hockey.

If you've followed the history of women's soccer since the first World Cup in 1991 (won by the U.S.) to the parade for the 2015 champions in New York last week, you can imagine the potential impact to come on the ice. (And if not, this picture is just a small snapshot.)

Anyway, without further ado, please welcome Zoë Hayden, who will be covering the NWHL in general on SB Nation and the Riveters in particular here at LHH. Hayden has followed and covered women's hockey for a while, including at SB Nation's Boston-based Stanley Cup of Chowder.

But a relocation for Zoë means SCOC's loss is our gain. (And if you're interested in covering the Boston Pride, SCOC is seeking writers to fill her shoes.)

Zoë is also founder of Hockey Without Propriety, so she skates hard into the corners, so to speak. Look for coverage from her soon. Meanwhile, some links to follow if this is up your alley:

We've enjoyed Zoë's voice in her hockey coverage and commentary, so we're thrilled to have her here. But Riveters coverage is also a good fit for LHH since, like the NHL Islanders we cover daily, the Riveters began life slated for Long Island before also having facility issues lead them to Brooklyn.

(October is just around the corner, so it won't be long before you can directly blame Zoë for the Riveters not signing another "stud" winger/defenseman/enter-your-complaint-here!)

Please extend a warm LHH welcome!