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Islanders News: Pulock power, Ho-Sang-isma, Lee don't game, prospect beefcake

Also, Nazarov: I must break you.

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Too soon to buy? Asking for a friend.
Too soon to buy? Asking for a friend.
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The New York Islanders prospect mini-camp is coming to a close, and Joshua Ho-Sang only further endeared himself to the hearts of Islanders fans. If he makes it, it will be a fantastic story that is perfect for the Islanders, perfect for New York, perfect for Brooklyn. But that's down the road. For now we'll just enjoy the idea and hope he keeps doing his part.

Islanders Reads

Lots of coverage collected in yesterday's bits, but here is more from camp and the sold-out scrimmage:

  • Let there be no confusion though: Ho-Sang hopes to make the club this fall. [NHL]
  • HockeyGoalieEh shared the good and bad from hockey at Barclays Center. [LHH]
  • Arthur Staple's "8 Observations" from the scrimmage included the new draft picks, the non-drafted invites, talk of the ice -- always something to monitor in a new venue -- and more. [Newsday]
  • From the above, one gem worth calling out: Anders Lee is a gamer, not a "gamer." [LHH quoteshot]
  • More on Ryan Pulock, the guy from this mini-camp with the best shot of making the NHL roster come October. [Newsday]
  • Still feels like Sebastian Collberg is only an outside shot to make the NHL one day, but he's "followed the program" and added nine pounds. He and Michael Dal Colle discuss "beefing up." [Isles]
  • As noted yesterday, John Schiavo shootout gimmicks made waves in social media and caught the eye of "ridiculous" lists. (I don't know that his second move "fooled the goalie" so much as it is just "that's illegal so goalie's just gonna watch this exhibition play out.") [CBS]
  • This is more geared to Edmonton fans, as there is nothing in there you don't know (and history that looks like a "pattern" only to the outside), but here is a rehash of Griffin Reinhart and other early picks traded by the Islanders over the last 20 years. [Edmonton Journal]
  • You've got a few more hours to get your hands on a piece of Islanders "Generation Next." [eBay]

For posterity, highlights from the scrimmage (and here is the skills competition):

Beyond Barclay
  • Speaking of Ho-Sang and so many other draftees: An interesting, brief bit on how young draftees can be derailed by the fantasy of thinking they will make it when their journey has only just begun. [Psychology* Today] *That means Tom Cruise need not click.
  • Could Jakub Voracek command an $8 million salary? Yeah, yeah probably. [BSH]
  • Man, times are changing in New Jersey. First Lou is, ah, "promoted," now longtime scouting head David Conte has been told it'd be great if he "pursued other opportunities." [Devils statement | Given his recent record, fans at ILWT are pleased]
  • Assume everyone reading this knows this (hey, f-you, elite defensemen), but here's why elite centers are the most precious commodity. [Puck Daddy]
  • For his final 30 Thoughts of 2014-15, Elliotte Friedman delivers 44. Kessel, Tarasenko, Souray, more... [Sportsnet]
  • Not sure why this would be a surprise to anyone following the various Seattle reports over the last year, but there do appear to be two competing expansion bids from Seattle. [THN]
  • So apparently former goon (and current goon, I guess) and St. Petersburg coach Andrei Nazarov punched the team doctor in the head five times. [Puck Daddy] (Russia, it's not like me or you. Well, maybe it's like you if you're one of those guys...)
  • Another good one moves on: Dave Pollak of the Merc retires after eight years as Sharks beatwriter. [Mercury News]
  • Lack and Luongo will never die. [NHL]