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Islanders News: What's the Plan, Stan?, Arbour Tribute, Game 2 Goalie-Go-Round

Where Bish at?

Grabovski's season was a bit of a clusterfu...
Grabovski's season was a bit of a clusterfu...
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Islanders links

  • TSN's Scott Cullen's Off-Season Game Plan posts are essential summer reading for boiling down each team's season and players into comprehensive chunks. His Islanders entry is out and while it might not contain too many surprises for the die hards, it's as accurate and sober as any analysis you'll find (one quibble: the "trading block" section contains two names I wouldn't expect to be moved barring a very surprising turn of events).
  • Don Cherry pays tribute to the one and only Al Arbour for both his playing and coaching. [Sportsnet with a LOUD VOLUME WARNING]

Around the NHL

  • Game 2 of the Cup final was a wild affair with goals, mystery goalie switches, poop jokes and all kinds of madness as the Lightning evened the series. Next stop: Chicago for Monday's Game 3. [CP | Raw Charge on a bit of history | Coach Cooper's not gonna talk about the goaltending. [Sun-Times]
  • How does a hockey goal sound in Chinese? Slightly more comprehensible than Steve Cangialosi does during Devils games. [Fansided]
  • The Blackhawks are America's Team. Beats the hell out of the Cowboys, at least. [NY Times]
  • Brooksie builds strawmen and tears down Keith Yandle in a wide-ranging notes column.
  • This is two years old, but will be relevant forever: Doc Emrick meets Daft Punk. [Deadspin]