Where will you find the Isles on the radio dial in 2015-16?

Chris King has been the Islanders' radio voice since before radios existed. - Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Yes, it is a slow hockey night with no Ranger-less Cup Final to watch until Game 2 tomorrow night. So, thoughts are turning to next season. The schedule should be out by the end of the month. The draft is in three weeks and free agents will be choosing new addresses in less than four.

As I continue to worry about my gameday routine starting in October, I have a sinking feeling all of that traffic will contribute to catching more first period action on the radio than in past years. This makes the following question all the more poignant:

Where will you find the Isles on the radio dial in 2015-16?

As Barclays Center CEO Brett Yormark said, Hofstra will most likely not make the move west. Look, if I was a high school senior a few years ago, I would have jumped at the chance to go to Hofstra and find a way to work on those radio broadcasts.

But, let's be honest: it was a minor league outfit. Chris King took on a lot of behind-the-microphone work in mentoring and molding college students into NHL broadcasters. The analysts may go on to long careers in the business, but they should have been broadcasting college sports. The sound from the post-game press conferences and interview scrums were lacking at the most critical junctures. There were shining stars in the collection of students over the years, but most were rough around the edges and we were their guinea pigs.

A move to the big city should be paired with a big city signal to go with it. Of course, if the Islanders are smart, they will simulcast their radio broadcast on a Long Island-based station to serve most of their current fan base. But, these are three 50,000-watt clear channel possible landing spots for the Islanders. Any of these options should give people outside the Greater New York Metropolitan Area a chance to listen in on the blue and orange:

Option 1: WBBR 1130 AM (Bloomberg Radio)

The Islanders used to broadcast on Bloomberg Radio after the season-long lockout (2005-08) with John Wiedemann finishing his four-season run in the first year and Steve Mears moving in for Wiedemann for the final three years in the play-by-play chair. Chris King was the analyst (when wasn't he?). Wiedemann is the radio voice of the Chicago Blackhawks. Good mojo.

Option 2: WOR 710 AM (Home of the Mets)

The Drive For Five was heard on WOR in 1983-84, which was the first year of a five-year agreement on 710. They brought the Mets on last season, so they could be gathering blue-and-orange teams to go with their new logo. Believe it or not, Chris King was NOT the color analyst in those days. It was #4, Jean Potvin. Good mojo points for past glory and Howie Rose synergy. Bad mojo points for the Mets recent past.

Option 3: WCBS 880 AM (WFAN's sister station)

WCBS used to be the home of the Yankees from 2002-2013. If you are rooting for a spot on WFAN once the Devils contract runs out, WCBS and WFAN are owned by CBS Radio and WCBS could just be a temporary home until WFAN becomes available.


WFAN 660 AM: Devils extended their deal in 2013 and it does not look like their deal expires this summer.

WEPN 98.7 FM (ESPN New York): Rangers extended their deal in 2012.

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